The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Merry Wives of Windsor

The Merry Wives of Windsor

With this performance, we would like to spread some optimism and show that no matter how dull the surroundings or how monotonous the routine of daily life, a creative mind can always find ways to entertain itself. When the hedonistic, frivolous, corpulent, and overly confident Sir John Falstaff finds himself in debt, he plots to have the two wealthiest women in Windsor fall in love with him and shower him with passion and gold.

But Mistress Page and Mistress Ford are no easy targets; their retaliation is profound, but also humorous, earning them William Shakespeare’s title: “The Merry Wives of Windsor.”

We invite you to share in the adventures of the citizens of Windsor by attending our abridged, musical production of this comedy.

Although the performance is in Russian, we provide English subtitles. Please request in advance.

The play’s simple plot, vibrant colors, exquisite costumes, and catchy music make this show enjoyable for all audiences, as experience proves.



Lyudmila Starobinets


Dima Bravarnik
Master Page
Eugene Vernikovsky
Mistress Page
Oksana Polikhovsky, Elina Uporau
Master Ford
Maxim Starobinets
Mistress Ford
Elena Dries, Anastasia Larri
Host of the “Garter” Inn
Anatoliy Aleksandrov
Mistress Quickly
Alex Koukhtieva
Fairies and elves
Angelika Dries, Katia Veksler, Katia Polikhovsky, Yulia Yoshpe


“To Lyudmila Starobinets and everyone else who works at the Theater on the Roof, everyone who created the performance about the merry wives of Windsor: I think you’re developing in the right direction. You need to choose difficult tasks, without them it’s impossible to move up on from “amateurish” to “professionalism”. Costumes – above criticism, your own composition of the complicated play, out of necessity adapted to the small stage, quite works out. Lyrics are quite wonderful. It’s easy to read the acting drive. I wish to give you a boost and even envy you: in your complex and har lives there is a room for theater.”
Always yours, Anatoly Smeliansky
President of the Studio-School of the Moscow Artistic Theatre,
PhD, Doctor of Art History

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